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The purpose of these plants is aeriform substance dedusting.
They generally consist of a solid metal sheet and steel sections onto which the machine’s operating parts are fixed.
The filtering medium is housed internally and consists of needle-punched felt bags, supported by wire mesh baskets.

The aeriform substance distributes itself inside the structure and through the filtering fabric, onto which the particulate pollutant is deposited.

The cleaning system with counter-current compressed air managed by an electronic programmer allows the dust to be detached and continuously discharged with the plant running. They can be horizontal, vertical, rectangular or cylindrical.

The range of flow rates is from 500 to 250.000 m³/h with filtration efficiency up to 99.98%


These plants use the filtering fabric to retain the particulate material contained in the aeriform substance.
The type of filter medium must be carefully chosen, depending on the dimensions of the particles to be abated.


They are plants inserted in the production process in exasperated pressure conditions and dust concentration.
An example of their use is downstream of mills with open-circuit ventilation where negative pressures of over 0.1 BAR are reached with flow rates of discharged dust over 30,000 kg/h.


They are plants designed to treat high temperature aeriform substance and constructed with suitable components and materials.
They can simply dedust the flow or even abate chemical pollutants using the filtering fabric as a support for specific reagents.